Ghosts - WLVS

Ghosts are a two piece production team based in Dublin made up of Kevin Gleeson and Padraig Ryan. To date, they have three independently released EPs: Doxology (2011), NIGHT (2012) and Judge (2012). The have also officially remixed CLU, Simon Bird and Monto.

Since their debut, the pair have firmly focused on the delivery of on-point, rhythmical blends, combining elements of house, two-step/garage and dubstep into the space of single track - leading the way amongst a new wave of high quality Irish production outfits. The WLVS EP marks their first official vinyl and digital release through the Northern Irish label.

In this package, the young producers deliver a set of four tracks that straddle across genres and expertly present something both uniquely haunting and endlessly intriguing.

2. Escort Service
3. The City
4. Not Now My Love

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